Al-Dura 13 years on – is it too little, too late?

After 13 years, the Israeli government is finally making painfully obvious how Pallywood wreaked such havoc on Israels image through the Al-Dura affair.  It is nonetheless instructive to

see how the manipulation worked, and the role of  the anti-Israel players.

See here and here, and an excellent review from Richard Landes who has done much to uncover the web of antiIsrael lies and deceit.

Is it too little? Well it certainly is little – it will percolate in pro-Israel circles, but probably fail to register more than a tiny blip in teh main stream media.

Is it too late?  13 years is a huge gap – and most impressionable hearts and minds will be hardened by now – but it is nonetheless still important;  maybe a film can be made of it that has an impact.

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