Advocacy for Israel

A good article on how and why someone advocates for Israel here

The article and subsequent comments raise questions as to the value and outcome of advocacy, which can be a draining experience.  If one doesn’t influence the hater, it might influence those whose minds are not made up.

I like the reference in the article title to the concept that for some, Israel is “the kid everyone loves to hate”

It also resonates with the idea that if Israel is not perfect, it should be condemned.

I note that a recent viewpoint has been expressed that Australia’s offshore refugee camps are “against international law”.  Should Israel call the Australian ambassador, or Bob Carr, to take him to task?  .. and in that vein,  who allowed someone with an Australian passport to be involved in the murder of Israeli tourists in Bulgaria?  Should Israel haul the Australian ambassador onto the carpet?  Meanwhile, the EU’s response to the finding that Hezbollah was responsible for the killings, is looking like a mealy mouthed division of Hezbollah into military and political wings. This would enable the EU to conveniently continue to support the political component.

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