Abbas regains his street cred

In a somewhat elaborate pantomime, Mahmoud Abbas regained his Arab street cred by “standing up” to Pres Obama in the recent UN Security Council resolution.

After the recent Palileaks which left him “on the nose”, Abbas was given the opportunity to show his constituents that he is not a US lackey. He was seen to demonstrate leadership, and could even call for a day of rage, which seems to be the tactic de jour.  Saying that he would boycott the US was almost taking the pantomime a little far, but it’s all in the game.  Obama was no doubt pleased to assist Abbas in his manoevering and was able to restore some primacy for the US in the middle east deliberations by exercising a veto, while also nodding to those in the US Congress that he wasn’t going to publicly throw Israel under the bus over this issue.  He also showed Israel how important US is to Israel in public forums. 

Although Israel would no doubt be pleased at the UN result, one wonders what they had to quietly promise Obama in return e.g. cutting back on approved East Jerusalem building.

It is obscene that this elaborate pantomime occupied more time than the attention paid to the many hundreds being killed in Libya, but that’s the UN for you!

It is at least quite clear that the popular uprisings in so many Arab countries put the lie to the viewpoint that Israel is a central issue in their grievances.  If anything, the uprisings are a rejection of the anti-Israel views peddled by the Arab leaders and echoed by the leftists, that would distract from the primary concerns of jobs and freedom.  As was stated by a protester in Morocco, “we want to be citizens, not subjects!”

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