AB Yehoshua on Zionism and the Jewish democratic state

I was at a meeting earlier this evening where the meaning of Zionism was discussed… and how some Jewish students find the label of Zionist a heavy one to carry on campus.

What does Zionism mean to each individual?  Someone at the table mentioned that AB Yehoshua had recently written an article expressing his thoughts about Zionism.  He states “First of all, Zionism is not an ideology. Ideology, according to the Hebrew Encyclopedia, is defined follows: a consolidated and systematic combination of ideas, understandings, principles and commandments expressing the unique worldview of a sect, party or social class.  According to this quite clear definition, Zionism cannot and should not be considered an ideology. As Zionism is a common platform for various and even contradictory social and political ideologies, it therefore cannot in itself be considered an independent ideology.   Zionism hoped for one thing and promised one thing: to establish a state for the Jews.”

.. It is an interesting article, as are the comments afterwards. 

Here is one critique of the article on the z-word blog.   

AB Yehoshua has previously written an excellent and related article where he begins why are we obsessed with calling ourselves a “democratic Jewish state”

It is useful to look back at an earlier blog item tracing the evolution of “what is Zionism” including discussion of the Jerusalem Program.

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One thought on “AB Yehoshua on Zionism and the Jewish democratic state

  1. Ian - Dover Heights December 15, 2010 at 10:55 pm -

    In the Basle Program, the Zionist movement stated its goals – “a national home for the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.” Since the formation of Israel in 1948, I just extend the position of a Zionist to be “someone who supports Israel as the national home for the Jewish people.”
    For those who like the lingo, Zionism can also be seen as the national liberation movement of the Jewish people.
    A common thread is the idea of nationalism – we are a Jewish nation. Am Yisroel Chai.