A response from Chief Rabbi Sacks to the apartheid lie

Rabbi Jonathon Sacks has written an excellent article, relevant to anti-Israel activity on UK Campuses.    The article, entitled Is academic freedom still honoured in British Universities?, is a powerful response to the anti-Israel intimidation on campus.  It puts academics very much on notice, holding them and university administrators to task.

Rabbi Sacks has published an excellent book, entitled Future Tense; see a review here and here.  Somewhat predictably, Antony Lerman, in the Guardian, is critical.  Rabbi Sacks argues that the Jewish response to anti-semitism, including that which masquerades as anti-Zionism, should be to build alliances and be outwards, rather than turning inward.  He discusses the particularist and universalist aspects of Judaism, and in one paragraph, reminds us that a Jewish teaching is that non-Jews can go to heaven, whereas Christian and Islamic theology are more exclusive.  He notes “Someone once defined a liberal as somebody who can’t even take his own side in an argument and sometimes the defence of British values sounds like that,”

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One thought on “A response from Chief Rabbi Sacks to the apartheid lie

  1. I have read Ed Husain’s book The Islamist and it is a must read. Also relevant to the topic is whether we can have any expectations for moral behaviour from Ivory Towers. See reviews of Stephen Norwood’s book “The Third Reich in the Ivory Tower: complicity and conlict on American campuses”. In this book Norwood describes the pro-Nazi behaviour of several elite US universities in the 1930s. Harvard’s president suppressed protests against Nazi atrocities, while Columbia’s president expelled a student who protested against the Nazi book-burning. Jewish refugee academics were not welcome at many elite universities. Today’s freedom for anti-Israel activities on campuses should not then come as a surprise.