A reminder of Israel’s contribution to the U.S.

At a time when Israel has been under criticism from the Obama administration,  Congressman Steve Rothman provides a powerful argument here as to why “U.S. support for Israel is essential, not only for Israel’s national security, but for America’s.”  Rothman states that “Every bit of that support — and more — withstands all reasonable scrutiny.”

This is a timely statement of support of Israel, coming when there are rumblings that Pres Obama is contemplating the imposition of a plan that ignores prior commitments to direct negotiation between the Israelis and Palestinians.  Obama may revert to the “linkage” with Iran model that would put added pressure on Israel.

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One thought on “A reminder of Israel’s contribution to the U.S.

  1. Thanks to Steve Rothman for his clear analysis of what the US gets from its relationship with Israel. Let’s hope that Obama’s advisers read it.