A reminder of double standards and hypocrisy

Robin Shepherd in his latest blog item here provides a reminder that the US and NATO forces are using drones for extrajudician killing.  Since entering the White House Obama has authorised 122 assassination raids by unmanned drones on senior people in Pakistan’s terrorist infrastructure.

Shepherd states that “The figures are rising fast. In September, the number of publicly admitted drone attacks was 22. And they are extremely deadly too. In 2009, more than 700 people were killed, many if not most of whom will have been civilian bystanders. By the end of this year, the death toll is likely to have far exceeded the 1,400 or so estimated to have died in Israel’s Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.”

And of course, with hardly a peep from the media who are so vociferous against Israel.


To clean the palate, Ghost Bike by Vlad Shusterman.. as stated “drawing inspiration from dubstep, drone ambient and neo-shoegazing, it fuses canned and organic sources, vocals and instruments into strange, densely layered pieces of pained beauty and wordless emotion.”

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