A picture worth a thousand words

In a recent blog item here, Yaacov Lozowick included this photograph of Tel Aviv taken from the West Bank.  Isn’t it all so incredibly close, with Tel Aviv so vulnerable – especially if one considered a future link up between Gaza and the West Bank.

Lozowick notes.  ” Would you risk putting enemy guns on the hill the picture was taken from? And if you would, can you at least comprehend why we’re not going to take your opinion very seriously, even if you’re the president of the United States?”

The blog item links to an important site for understanding Israel’s security needs, and what signifies defensible borders

This site has an excellent video detailing Israel’s security needs for a viable peace. Compelling arguments are provided for the following Israeli needs. 1. Control over the Jordan Valley; 2. control over key areas of the mountain ranges and a demilitarized Palestine; 3. control of the airspace over the West Bank; 4. control over Israel’s main arteries of transportation.

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