A good version of “Money that’s what they want”

Reuters Middle East Watch has a good version of the Beatles classic here.  The Palestinians just can’t believe that some of their ongoing aid from the U.S. Congress is jeopardized by their decision to thumb their noses at the U.S.   They just can’t believe it. Of course the U.S. will cave in, but it’s an encouraging gesture nonetheless.

The Reuters Middle East Watch website has 2 excellent quotes, always worth remembering, and most apropos some of the anti-Israel drivel that keeps coming along.

“Propaganda is persuading people to make up their minds while withholding some of the facts from them.”

— Harold Evans, The Sunday Times Editor 1967-81

“No one has thinner skins than journalists, in my experience, and I come from a family of them… They can dish it out but they can’t take it.”

— John Malkovich

.. Funny about that, a couple of Fairfax reporters come to mind.

Speaking of losing their pants,  it is pleasing to see Isi Leiblers excellent response to Malcolm Fraser’s one sided anti-Israel outburst .. published in the Age no less!

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