A witty, charismatic speaker – Howard Jacobson

Hearing and seeing an excellent speaker interacting with an audience is certainly more powerful than just reading words. Howard Jacobson writes and speaks on a site called “Engage” which was initiated to respond to a previous English boycott campaign. The site also directs to current and previous important discussion topics. Scroll down to the youtube speech by Howard Jacobson “Engage says no to boycott” see here.

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One thought on “A witty, charismatic speaker – Howard Jacobson

  1. Allen - London March 22, 2009 at 9:10 pm -

    Howard Jacobson is an excellent speaker, and I have had the pleasure of hearing him. With all the bad anti-Israel press we see in England these days, I am delighted we have someone like him.
    He pulls to pieces the arguments of the Israel-bashing men and women – who are all so angry, yet also so ignorant once you scratch below the surface of their knowledge..