A dose of reality .. tempered by some music

While we should feel a sense of optimism regarding the peace talks that have just begun,  a very large dose of reality is also in order.

The FresnoZionism website provides it well with this item here

.. and maybe with that dose of reality,  be prepared to Call for the doctor (very sad to hear of the passing of JJ Cale .. have to get out my old LP “Naturally”)  .. “after midnight, gonna be peaches and cream” and of course Crazy Mama

On a positive note,  it’s good to hear that Eric Burdon resisted the BS Brigade, who tried to pressure him into not performing in Israel.  The exercise turned out pretty well, with the BS Brigade now very much on the back foot .. with their aggressive B (Drek) S attacks on artists now exposed.  A personal favourite of Eric Burdon – white houses “The President speaks .. he’s young but his bones creak”




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