61 more things to love about Israel

A recent Jewish bloggers convention was held in Israel. Unfortunately, Ozi Zion didn’t get a free guernsy, but we have added a couple of recommended blogs to our burgeoning list on the side.

First, there’s Midnight East which explains that it “is an online magazine dedicated to obsessive involvement with the Israeli cultural scene.  Just like Israeli culture — our opinions are many, varied, often contradictory, and we are still under construction…so hang in there with us.”

Then there’s Estramag.com, the English Language Community Magazine in Israel – again with a variety of fun and informative articles from Israel.

and as a 3rd offering Whatwarzone.com featuring Israeli (formerly from Texas) stand up comedian Benji Lovitt.  Watch some fun videos as Benji tries to get a date on Tu Bishvat,  and explains his take on Israel.  Then his 61 more things I love about Israel.  Here are 3 of my favourites: 

8:  I love the magical phrase “yiyeh b’seder”, the Economica of the Hebrew language. What can’t it handle? Flat tire? Failed test? Take two “yiyeh b’seder”s and call me in the morning. 

32. I love the Israelis who take such pride in their country that they ask tourists, “You like Israel? Why you not live here???” When you’ve got Zionism, who needs linking verbs?

39. I love how the fruit shakes here contain the most obscure fruits in the history of the world. “Watch this….hey, can I get a shake with Abraham’s desert star citrus fruit, but the one without the seeds that only grows in the Western Negev? (pause) YOU HAVE IT???”

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