While James Bond was skydiving into the Olympic Park, the CIA was spreading some scurrilous comments about the Mossad here.   It remains quite amazing that the CIA are blatantly digging around in Israel, while Pollard languishes in the U.S.

Debka File here suggests the following motives

1. To deter US presidential candidate Mitt Romney from using his visit to Israel Sunday and Monday July 29-30 to promise, if elected in November, to review Jonathan Pollard’s life sentence for spying for Israel, which all previous US presidents have refused to do at the CIA’s behest. It has been suggested that he may be considering going on record with this pledge to win Jewish votes.
2. To hit back at the Israel watchers dogging the footsteps of CIA agents planted in a widely-flung undercover network for picking up any clues that Israeli preparations for a unilateral attack on Iran’s nuclear program are moving into operational phase.

…. While James Bond is doing his thing, I’m waiting for Gabriel Allon to hit the big screen, although I do enjoy Daniel Silva’s novels about Allon

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One thought on “007

  1. I love Daniel Silva’s books and can’t wait to read the latest one.
    As for him predicting what’s going to happen in the Arab Spring, one only has to read ‘Future Jihad’ by Walid Phares to predict and understand the truth of what is behind our banal and misleading TV news and the Fairfax “news” papers. (see the current nonsense about the ‘rebels’ in Syria. The Age wrote that these “rebels” are ‘outsourcing’ their funding to Saudi Arabia and Qatar. But this footnote was buried in the bottom of the article. And so the US is happily going to send money the way of these Islamist rebels.)
    Written in 2004, based on what the Islamists themselves say they’re going to do, Phares predicted all of it.
    As the famous phrase put it, the message of the Holocaust is that when someone (like Hitler) says he’s going to do something (like wipe out the Jews) you should believe it.
    When the Islamists say they’re going to take over the world, we should believe it. They said they were going to get rid of all secular Arab governments and – guess what – they’re doing it. They said they were going to take over the Western countries – and guess what – it’s happening before our eyes in Europe, and it’s slowly happening in the US and Australia, but not quite before our eyes. It’s still under the surface. Thanks to Takiya – which they say is the policy of deception that is required. See Frank Gafney’s brillliant expose ‘The Muslim Brotherhood in America’.
    If only all this was fiction.